YINC: Revolutionizing the Service Industry

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One-stop-shop for any kind of service - getting you the most competitive pricing along with tamper-proof reviews. Our ICO token pre-sale will begin soon.

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About Yinc

YINC, which stands for You’re IN Control, was established over 3 years ago to come up with a simple, easy-to-use solution for any kind of service with authentic, tamper-proof ratings.

Our unique reverse bidding process creates a “competitive urgency” among the vendors, who bid against each other for your job. This gives YOU the most competitive quotes while maintaining transparency for the vendors. There’s no middleman, no paying per lead and no fees on the jobs. The vendor can choose if they want to respond, what they want to say and bid, and if they get the job, they keep 100% of their earnings.

Once the job is complete, we incentivise the consumer to create an authentic review. Consumers can only review if they actually complete and pay for a job through YINC. Once the review is complete, it is verified and stored on the blockchain making it ‘tamper-proof’. The blockchain makes the review tamper-proof - even we can’t change it!

We also incentivise you the consumer to become what we call a “Referencer”. This optional feature enables potential consumers to contact our Referencers if they want to ask about experiences with their verified vendors.

YINC is your one-stop-shop for any kind of service that gets you the best pricing, along with authentic, tamper-proof reviews, and real Referencers you can call to get real information.

We’ve had amazing results on our beta launch in both the consumer and commercial property owner markets. We already have over thirty real estate companies with more than $5 billion in managed properties who have tested and committed to our product when we go live.

We are currently in the final stages of our ICO launch preparation.

For inquiries please email us at info@yinc.com

With Yinc, You're IN Control

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